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Double pedal Trick Dominator (review, opinion, feeling on the direct drive).

I know that I did not say "everything" in this video, in particular I did not mention the other high-end brands for direct drive: (czarcie kopyto, axis, dw.... which are not in the same budget bracket) and I was content to mention 3 models in a few seconds, which are +/- in the same price range as the dominators (pearl/tama/yamaha).

I had to condense the content, to fit it into 10 minutes, (beyond that, people drop out) and in any case I didn't pretend to advocate direct drive, when I'm just discovering it myself.

The idea was to give a quick technical presentation of this model (in French since apparently it didn't exist), to give my opinion on it and to share my feelings about my first experience with direct drive after more than 10 years of playing on chain drive, with drummers who would be curious about this system.

There was so much to say..., it was complicated to sort through the information and condense it so that the video remained dynamic and didn't become "painful".

Do not hesitate (here or on the channel) to send me your comments regarding my explanations in this video, or to address points on which I have not focused. Good viewing.




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