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HiHat ATV artist 14" review

Test of the HiHat atv of the series: artist in 14" after purchase from our partner Karrace, recently become official distributor of the ATV brand. This hihat is simply exceptional, both for the ultra realistic gaming sensation provided, and for its responsiveness to the opening and its sensitivity, only for its aesthetic appearance This hihat is equipped with 3 jack outputs: - 1 for the controller - 1 for the flat and the edge of the top cymbal - 1 for the bell For this test I do not. I have only connected 2 of the 3 jacks to a Roland TD 17 module and have therefore not yet used the options linked to the 360° triggering bell / 3 play zones / muffling function / complete silicone rubber coating. / bottom cymbal offering an ultra sensitive optical sensor, this hi-hat has no shortage of arguments to seduce you Personally I am won over by this purchase This hi-hat is relatively expensive (+/- 500 euros), but it must be admitted that the. The result obtained exceeds all my expectations for an electro charley. The latter is so realistic when playing that I clearly have the impression of playing on a very good quality acoustic hi-hat. I'll let you form your own opinion on this video made by me.




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