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Unboxing of my Drum-tec pro 3 set up

Hello hitters. This week, once in a while, I'm giving you an unboxing of my new set up. A little marvel, made up of drums designed by our partner Drum-tec for the PRO3 range. In a previous video, I presented to you in great detail the snare drum of this series and its ultra-innovative 7-sensor triggering.

I was so seduced by the quality and precision of the triggering of this incredible snare drum, that I set my sights and my desire on the complete kit, as the playing sensations are so realistic.

A marvel in acoustic format, which I present to you through a series of videos focused solely on this drum, which deserves our attention and interest, as there is so much to say . below, the snare drum trigger presented previously.

It is therefore a "series" in 3 episodes, which is currently broadcast on our YouTube channel and so here is the second video.

After the presentation of the snare drum last week and the unboxing this week, I will soon address the triggering part of all the drums, since the snare drum, the toms and the bass drum offer different triggering systems and all equally interesting to discover.

Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel, so you don't miss the rest. Do not hesitate to leave a like and/or a comment if you have any questions about this equipment or if you would like to share your experience with a similar purchase. In advance, thank you to those who share these videos or articles from our blog. See you soon hitters.




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